Validate digital
marketing skills of hires

Make sure that you hire the digital skills you need with a standardised online digital marketing assessment. Compare and verify potential hires knowledge without human bias.

Case Studies

Download and read these case studies to understand how companies are using and benefiting from The DMAT in their hiring process.

If you want, we’ll even connect you to the companies so you can ask them yourself.

How UCOOK screened and benchmarked potential Chief Marketing Officers with The DMAT

Final 3 candidates were assessed to compare digital marketing competency

How Play Sense made informed hiring decisions to scale their digital marketing team

Data-backed skills assessment for each candidate before final interviews

Let us test skills so that
you can focus on culture

Learn How the Pre
Employment Screening Works

Implementing a digital marketing pre screening process is your way to:

Assess Candidate’s
with the DMAT Assessment

During this 120-minute assessment, team members are assessed with 200 multiple choice questions across 12 core digital marketing competencies.

Each question has 5 potential answers with only one being correct.

Benchmark & Compare
Candidate’s Results

Receive a comprehensive screening report that compares the overall results of each employment candidate and details their scores across each of the 12 digital marketing competencies. Further, each candidate’s performance is benchmarked against The DMAT standard.

Select top candidates
based on results

Now it is time to use the data from the report to make informed decisions on which candidate is going to add the most value to your team. Each candidate can also be provided with their personalised skills report to help upskill on their digital weaknesses.

About the assessment

Digital Marketing Categories



per assessment

Quantity 1 - 4

Best utilised at the end of the hiring process with final candidates



per assessment

Quantity 5 - 24

Ideal for mid-level marketing roles prior to interviews


Contact sales

Quantity 24 +

Suited for junior roles with a large number of potential candidates

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