The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test

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Once you complete the test, your score will be calculated as a percentage and given to you. If you score over 50% then you pass (well done!) and you will receive your digital marketing certification showing your personal achievement level from Elementary to Summa Cum Laude depending on how well you performed.

If you are really good, you might even make it onto our leader board for your bragging rights.


The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (DMAT) is built off the Red & Yellow e-Marketing Textbook (in its 6th Edition). It is strongly recommended that you grab your FREE download of the textbook and read through it. If you’re a genius digital marketer – you can skip this step.

  • You will be given one attempt to write the test.
  • To be completed over a course of 2 hours.

The DMAT is not easy. You are welcome to Google all the answers but then it is highly unlikely you will finish in time. We have yet to do so, but we do reserve the right to reject any scores suspected of cheating.

Once you complete the test, your score will be calculated as a percentage out of 100 and if you score over 50%, we’ll send over your official Digital Marketing Certification showing your achievement level. If you are really good, you might even make it onto our leader board for your bragging rights.

9 reviews for The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test

  1. Natasha Bruwer

    Yaay thank you so much for the great opportunity and the textbook! I’m really enjoying working through it.

  2. Keshnee Chetty

    Excellent, complex assessment not made for newbies!

  3. Abongile Dzai

    If you think you are a Digital Marketer, then this test is a must write to find out whether you truly are one. It’s not an easy assessment and definitely not for the faint hearted, but once you make it you will know it was worth it. I made it to 19th place – thank you R&Y team for the great experience!

  4. Muhammad Adam

    Great assesment. The challenging (but fun) nature of it made me realise how much a graduate can still learn from experienced individuals and actually made me apply at R&Y 🙂

  5. Asha

    Really intense and of such a high standard – one of the few certifications that truly challenged me!

  6. Oli

    Great Test. Thanks RedandYellow!

  7. Bernard van Kampen

    The test is definitely a lot more challenging than I thought it would be but was really awesome definitely a good measure for anyone that wants to test their knowledge.

  8. Albin Waldeck

    I really enjoyed this test! It was interesting and tough. As it was challenging, it really feels like the certificate is worth something if you pass it.

  9. Stefan Pelev

    The test is very comprehensive and requires a thorough preparation. The textbook is extremely helpful and illuminates in-depth major digital marketing concepts. For starters and entry-level professionals in the field, this certificate is a must-have.

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