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The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (DMAT) is a global digital marketing assessment and certification written in over 19 countries. Earning the certificate verifies a conceptual understanding of primary components of digital marketing disciplines.

Our mission is to make digital marketing education more accessible, to more people, more often. This is accomplished by:

  • – Promoting completely free, world class learning resources across all digital assets
  • – Providing a global certification that employers trust

The DMAT assesses across 12 core competencies:

  • – Market Research
  • – Digital Marketing Strategy
  • – Data Analytics & Performance Marketing
  • – CRM & Marketing Automation
  • – Search Engine Optimisation
  • – Digital Advertising
  • – Content Marketing Strategy
  • – Digital Copywriting
  • – Social Media Marketing
  • – Web Development, UX & UI
  • – Ecommerce
  • – Mobile Channels & Apps

Staying competitive is difficult and claiming that you have digital marketing knowledge is no longer enough. Companies and clients want tangible proof.

The DMAT certification verifies your knowledge and distinguishes you within the marketing industry.

Taking (and passing) The DMAT signals your digital marketing competence, improves digital marketing abilities and has helped land DMATers their dream jobs (Visit our leaderboard stories to see more). 

The DMAT is used as a comprehensive assessment to screen shortlisted candidates prior to the interview stage of the recruitment. The results provide independent validation to a candidate’s digital marketing knowledge.

Once a candidate has completed the assessment, the company (client) receives a detailed report identifying the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in digital marketing.

Digital marketing education is fragmented. The quality and information provided varies dramatically between every learning programme. This makes it impossible for employers and recruiters to know if someone has the correct knowledge.

The world needs a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like. That’s where The DMAT comes in as the global benchmark for digital marketing knowledge.

An independent assessment and certification that can be trusted, no matter where or how you decide to learn.

The average result for the test is 48%. The test is designed to be difficult to ensure that your certification means a lot and that it is something you are truly proud of.

The Top 100 Global Leaderboard shows where you could rank and show your knowledge on an international stage.

The test grades are broken down as follows:
Percentage Grading Category 
≤ 59% Fail 
60%-69% Standard Pass
70%-79% Pass with Merit
80%-85% Distinction
86%-89% Cum Laude
90%+ Summa Cum Laude

Visit the ‘How to Best Prepare‘ document to set yourself up for success. The document is a step-by-step guide to assist you with your preparation to write the assessment and earn your digital marketing certification.

Digital marketing is constantly changing, thus, The DMAT certification is valid for one year.

To ensure your knowledge remains up to date with the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry, the questions and answers are constantly updated according to the industry standard. 

In order to renew your certification for an additional year, you are required to pass The DMAT.

Once you’ve completed the checkout process an order is placed and you will receive an email with login details immediately. You may also opt to click on the login tab on our website navigation bar. You will then be redirected to a page where you can input your login details to enter the test platform.

There are 200 randomised Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) across the 12 categories of the test.

You will have two-hours to complete the test. Once you start, you cannot restart.

Yes, but if you do you may not finish the test within the two-hour time limit.

No, you have one attempt per purchase to write The DMAT and earn your certificate by passing with 60% or more –  so make it count!

The DMAT costs US $125.

Some pre-registered groups may use a voucher to complete the purchase process at no cost.

The fee covers one attempt of the DMAT exam. Retakes are not free.

The working environment has become extremely competitive with a degree being a minimum requirement in many places. The world of work is changing rapidly and while a degree holds significant standing as an academic achievement; the future years will render most current degrees redundant. You need to stay relevant and up-to-date with a certification that proves your latest industry knowledge and development. 

On our website click on ‘Register’ in our navigation bar. You will then be directed to a checkout page. Click on ‘checkout’ to sign up and input your account details. Once you have signed up you can add your coupon code by clicking ‘Have a coupon?’, fill in your coupon code and click ‘apply’.

Once you have submitted your test, The DMAT academic team reviews your submission after which you will receive your certificate via email within 24 hours. 

The DMAT does not offer training.

We provide the most downloaded textbook in the world which is used to create syllabuses at top universities around the world (see list here on our homepage). We also have curated a list of fantastic free courses which will give you the best chance of passing The DMAT.

The DMAT has certified students and professionals from over 18 countries. Furthermore, The DMAT was launched in partnership with Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, a leading global digital marketing educator.

When you enter the test platform and start The DMAT, you will have two-hours to complete the test. A countdown timer will be displayed in the top right corner of your screen throughout the duration of the test. 

Unfortunately, once you have checked out and completed the payment process, your opportunity to write The DMAT is locked in and you cannot request a refund or cancel your order.  

Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions via info@dmat.ac or navigate to the contact page on our website through our navigation bar. Alternatively, our webchat found on our website is always available to ask questions. 

If you are confused or have any questions during the test, we cannot help or respond to ensure that you are not cheating.

There are no prerequisites for taking The DMAT. It is an “open” certification. 

Focus on learning the categories for the certification and you will be in good stead to succeed on your test day.

Upon completion, candidates will receive their total mark on the learning platform. With this, the candidate will receive a pass, or fail email outlining how they scored in each of the categories of the test.

The DMAT takes thorough preparation and adequate understanding of digital marketing from the e-marketing textbook. However, if you would like to test yourself with your current knowledge, you may tackle The DMAT short quiz.

In order to take the test, navigate to the ‘login’ page and input your email address and password. You will then be redirected to the test platform where you can read through the instructions before writing the test.

The test is completely online and available to take 24/7. This means you can take the test whenever you are ready without needing to wait.

The questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) asked with five possible answers. However, there is only one correct answer that you must select.

Step 1: Download your free textbook on our home page and register to take The DMAT here. 

Step 2: Study the textbook thoroughly as you only have one attempt to write the test. The test is two-hours and consists of 250 MCQs with five potential answers and one correct answer. 

Step 3: Attain 60% or more in order to earn your digital marketing certification. If you score high enough you could rank on our Top 100 Global Leaderboard.

If you score below 60% you will be able to retake the assessment in three months

Visit our resource center to find additional resources you can use to prepare for the test. The textbook chapters are available to download separately to make it easier for you to study the textbook information. 

We’d love to answer all your questions about The DMAT.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on info@dmat.ac if you have any additional questions, comments, suggestions or feedback.