The Digital Marketing
Skills Audit

A true reflection of a team’s digital marketing knowledge compared with current digital best practices. Use this data to make more informed business decisions.

What teams receive


Each team member is assessed against 12 core digital marketing competencies

Proprietary Digital
Marketing Skills Report

A visualised report highlighting team and individual strengths and weaknesses

Capability enhancement discussion

Team leaders and individuals can close skills gaps with personalised, and data-driven decisions

Identify the Digital Skills Your Team Needs

Discuss with our team and fill out a short online form identifying which digital skills you believe are most important for your marketing team’s success. This data will be used to customise your skills report.

Team members take the DMAT Assessment

During this 120-minute assessment, there are 200 multiple choice questions, with five potential options. Candidates must select the most correct answer – there is only one. The assessment measures knowledge across 12 core digital marketing competencies.

Receive your team’s Personalized
Digital Marketing Skills Report

Having your team take the assessment is just the start. Your team’s customized Digital Marketing Skills Report helps you step back and see what the data says.

You can now begin to understand exactly which digital skills are holding your team back and create a plan to develop the best possible team.

Use the strengths and weaknesses
data to level up your marketing

Now it’s time to use your report data to best develop each team member.

Sit with the DMAT consultant to discuss what these skills gaps mean, and what resources are best suited for each team member.

How the Digital
Skills Audit works

Are you sure you know your digital marketing team?


How would you know your teams’ digital marketing strengths and weaknesses without accurate data?


Have a look at the video to learn more.

About the assessment


About the assessment



per assessment

Quantity 1 - 4

For lean marketing agencies or teams looking for a better way to develop their teams digital skills



per assessment

Quantity 5 - 24

Suited for marketing teams or medium sized marketing agencies focusing that have a need to develop their digital capabilities


Contact sales

Quantity 24 +

Ideal for large marketing agencies focusing on developing digital capabilities across the organisation

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Learn what digital skills are holding your marketing back​

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