Independently verify digital marketing skills for new hires.

Are you assuming a candidate's ability based on their CV?
If you’re not a marketing expert, you’re trusting what the candidate and their CV says their skills are. Screen candidates with an objective assessment to make sure they aren’t selling themselves as something they aren’t.

Screening Assessment

Build a data-driven screening process.
Only 5% of companies do.

A lack of information on candidate skills is a leading cause of bad hires.

A study conducted by Glassdoor found that only 5% of companies evaluate candidates in the sourcing and screening process. The people in a company are the differentiator and gathering data makes sure you bring in the best.

Remove bias and objectively compare candidate’s skills.

Remove the unavoidable biases we all have when selecting candidates to interview.

Objectively compare the knowledge and skills of candidates to select the right candidate.


Reduce the risk of a bad hire.
Save company money.

Time. Wasted salaries. Lower team productivity.

A CareerBuilder survey  estimated the cost of each bad hire to be $17,000.


The Process

Screening Assessment Process _ The DMAT

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Recommended during the early stages of the screening process when screening a large number of potential candidates for multiple roles.


$ 1600
for 2 weeks
  • Includes Professional, plus:
  • Executive presentation on candidate digital competencies
  • Sponsor free education & matched spend of certifications to non-profit
  • Five free certifications for your internal team

Recommended prior to first round interviews to ensure you’re not using senior employee time with incapable candidates.


Quantity: 5 - 9
$ 100
per assessment
  • Includes Basic, plus:
  • Dedicated client onboarding
  • Have a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • At 20% discount

Recommended for final stages of interviews to understand candidates digital capabilities


Quantity: 1 - 4
$ 125
per assessment
  • Candidate enrolment
  • Access to write The DMAT assessment
  • Earn a digital marketing certification
  • Detailed candidate digital competencies report

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