How to Best Prepare for The DMAT

The step-by-step guide to ensure that you set yourself up for success when taking
The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test

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There’s nothing more discouraging than not knowing how to prepare or what to expect for an online assessment.

For some, online assessments bring anxieties, whether it’s during preparation or taking the actual assessment. This guide is to assist you in your preparation of The DMAT to earn your digital marketing certification.

1. What is The DMAT

Before beginning preparation, it is important to understand exactly what The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (DMAT) is.

The DMAT is an online global digital marketing assessment and certification. It is a two-hour assessment consisting of 200 multiple choice questions (MCQs) specific to 12 digital marketing categories. 

The DMAT provides the world with a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like with an independent certification and benchmark. The certification is proof of a candidate’s digital marketing competence, while the report creates a benchmark to direct future learning across the digital marketing ecosystem.

2. How to prepare for The DMAT

The following document is a guide to assist candidates with their preparation to write the assessment and give them the best chance of earning the certification. If you are considering registering or are already registered and want the best chance to earn the certification it is important to effectively prepare. Listen to a previous DMATer, Tajkira Mojumder, and “Do not take The DMAT assessment too lightly.” To achieve the best mark possible, follow the guide below.

The 3 steps below provide a framework to achieve the best result: 

Note: Many candidates take the assessment to understand their current skills gaps. In this situation it is not required to study.

2.1 Create a study plan

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” While Franklin may not have been talking specifically about a study plan, it is important that these words ring true and you create an effective plan in preparation for the assessment. 

In order to cover all the study material, it is advised to start two-weeks in advance before you plan on writing. Set a date and time for when you plan to take The DMAT and work backwards to create a plan that fits in with your daily schedule.

2.2 Revise the most important material


Read the 6th Edition eMarketing Textbook

The eMarketing textbook is the most downloaded digital marketing textbook in the world and provides a strong understanding of the most important digital marketing disciplines.

While the test is not based wholly on the textbook, it will provide you with many of the answers to concepts that are tested. 

Read each chapter carefully to best prepare. However, the following chapters in the textbook directly align to the assessment categories:


Revise Additional Free Resources

Not everything that will be assessed is found in the eMarketing textbook. This is important to make sure that the test is independent and applicable to all digital marketing. 

To help with the questions that are not in the textbook, each assessment category has related resources found on our website under Article Resources. These resources are for candidates that want to dive deep into the categories of the assessment and are not a requirement to have the knowledge to earn 60% or above on the assessment.

Our mission is to make digital marketing education more accessible, to more people, more often. This is why we have curated a list of free courses that can be used at a later point to enhance your skills.

2.3 Determine your readiness

The Practice Assessment

When you feel confident to take The DMAT, it is suggested to complete The Practice Assessment to test your knowledge (don’t forget to include this in your study plan). 

The Practice Assessment consists of 50 MCQs and is a 30-minute assessment that models the difficulty, required answer speed, test experience, questions and categories of The DMAT.

Before writing The DMAT, take the Practice Assessment to provide an indication if you are ready for the full assessment. Answer the questions to your best ability and use your score as an indication of how well you know your material. 

Questions? Find out more information on our Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Understand Test Day Expectations

3.1 Know the test details 

Duration: 120 minutes

Number of categories: 12 categories

Number of questions per category: 16 – 17 per category

Number of questions in total: 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

  • Numbered 1 to 200
  • Five potential answers with only one correct answer
  • Randomised questions from a question bank. This means that no test is identical
  • Challenging questions can be marked for review during the assessment and referred back to before final submission
  • The assessment does not utilize negative marketing and thus you will not be penalized for incorrect answers

Timer displayed in the top right of the testing screen

An average of 36 seconds per question

You cannot pause the test (the timer will continue if you take a break)

If you close the tab or the browser, the timer will continue counting down until the end of the 2-hours. If your device or internet fails, you can log back in and continue

3.2 Creating the ideal test environment

  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable and quiet place that is ideal for focus
  • Have a glass of water & any snack with you so that you don’t have to leave
  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • The preferred device to take the test is a desktop or laptop. It is possible to take the assessment on a mobile device, but it is not recommended

3.3 Write The DMAT

The DMAT is fully-online and can be taken at a time that is suitable for a candidate. Once registered, you can login to the testing platform via the website. 

At the top right corner you will see a ‘Log in’ button to click which will ask you for an email and password.


Fill in your account details to sign into your personal dashboard. Once signed in, you can click on ‘The Digital Marketing Aptitude’ to begin reading through the pre-test information.

Once the assessment is selected you will be directed from the dashboard to the pre-test information. There are four lessons required to be completed in order. Proceed through the ‘Test Details’ lesson and ‘Test Day Preparation‘ lesson before you can ‘Take The DMAT.’ 

The ‘Test Details’ and ‘Test Day Preparation‘ lessons can be viewed at any time. This means you do not have to take The DMAT on the same day you read over these sections and  familiarize yourself with test entails and test day preparation.

In your final lesson there is a button to “Start the DMAT”. Once you click this, the test will commence immediately. So make sure you are fully ready.

The questions are formatted as MCQs with five possible answers. If you are unsure of an answer, you have the option to ‘review’ the questions and come back to them at the end of the test (see example below).


Once you’ve completed the assessment you will be required to fill out a short feedback form to receive your certification (should you score above 60%). Your certification will be sent to you within 24 hours of completing The DMAT. Along with this, you will receive a detailed results report that highlights your digital marketing strengths and weaknesses.

Distinguish yourself within the marketing industry.


If you are struggling with a question, select the answer that you believe to be the most correct OR review the question to come back later. You need to move quickly through the test so don't spend too much time on a specific question.

4. Summary

In summary, there are many factors to take into account in order to best prepare for The DMAT. Firstly, you must set a date for when you plan to write The DMAT. Once the date is set it is advised to start preparation at least two weeks before you plan to write the DMAT. Your study schedule should be planned accordingly throughout the two weeks to fit in with your daily activities. Make sure you review each test category in line with the textbook chapters and additional resources. 

Once you have worked through all the necessary resources you can take the Practice Assessment as an indication to see how well you know your marketing knowledge. Lastly, familiarize yourself with the test details and create the ideal test environment. Now you are ready to write the DMAT!

Make sure you have completed the checklist below before you take The DMAT. Good luck with your preparations and we look forward to having you a part of The DMAT community.

The Global Digital Marketing Certification

The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (The DMAT) assessment and certification provides the world with a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like.