8 Women in Digital Marketing to Follow

8 Women in
Digital Marketing to Follow

08 March 2021

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, it is important to highlight 8 incredible women in digital marketing that have led the way for many to come. Did you know that only 30% of women hold leadership or senior positions within the marketing world (IPA Census Figures, 2016). Female CEOs only account for 4% of Fortune 500 companies with a mere 19% of senior management positions being held by women. While women in marketing and technology (MarTech) face multiple challenges, these 8 women inspire young digital marketers who seek to prove their place within the MarTech industry. Women in MarTech face challenges such as unequal pay, low female representation in the workforce, insufficient encouragement, support, awareness and more. A significantly pressing issue is that there is a lack of awareness around role models for young digital marketer aspiring to enter this industry. Without the awareness of worthy role models and marketing heroes to aspire towards, we may find a continued underrepresentation of women in MarTech.

The below role models have gained considerable attention for their influential digital strategies that have culminated in millions of dollars in revenue. They have developed businesses that have been built on the backbone of their entrepreneurial spirit, whilst many balance their life as a mother. 

Entrepreneurs, digital marketers, mothers and industry leaders; these are the women you need to look out for, as the traditional sub-par female representation of women in MarTech is slowly changing, and the new age of a gender equal workforce is rightfully coming.

Note: The women and their stories have been listed in no particular order.

Rachel Miller

CEO & Founder of Moolah Marketing

A teacher, a speaker, an author, a strategist, and the founder of Moolah Marketing. Rachel has helped more than 2300 clients grow their social media presence and credibility. Rachel and the Moolah Marketing team help small, medium and large businesses (including Fortune 500 companies) gain traction in an ever-growing social media world.

She is a strong believer in organic traffic and contributes to the digital marketing world by successfully teaching companies how to garner active & engaged audiences on social media. In her program Page Strategies she teaches how to create engaged audiences that convert into paying customers. This stems off the back of Rachel being able to grow some social media pages to an audience of over 2.2 million fans.

Follow Rachel and watch her help businesses explode online.,

Kristen Bryant

Director of Content Marketing at HELP SCOUT

Kristen is currently leading the content marketing and operations team at Help Scout. Help Scout is a (certified B-corps) company that builds marketing software to scale an organisation’s customer service and ability to communicate with their audience. Kristen manages the content strategies, audience growth projections, and the team of creators and strategists responsible for all content marketing operations.

An experienced professional, Kristen has an incredible marketing background with previous experience in video marketing, product marketing and the creation, execution and promotion thereof. Prior to joining the growing SaaS market, Kristen enriched the lives of students in the higher education industry through her marketing efforts, she created digital content in the financial services industry, and also built apps for various types of businesses. Her online energy and passion shines through in her creative approach to content marketing and she is one to keep an eye on in this ever-transforming world of marketing. 

Follow Kristen and learn about marketing from a leading content marketer.

Talia Wolf

Founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUpLift

Talia is the founder and chief optimizer at GetUpLift. She helps businesses improve their understanding of their audience, fixes leaking marketing funnels, and increases conversions with a customer-centric optimization process. She strongly believes that emotion is the only way to make people realize that they need the solution you are offering. Her view is shaped by the years of digital marketing experience she has accumulated. Talia is an inspiring marketer with her wide range of expertise in emotional targeting, persuasion, optimization, customer experience, customer research, growth, and market analysis. A true role model and industry innovator, she has given talks on various specializations in digital marketing at Google, MozCon, CTAconf, and Search Love. 

“Emotion and persuasion are key to optimize client’s websites and funnel in order to generate 10x leads, sales and revenue.” 

Follow Talia and gain a wealth of knowledge into the best practices for digital marketing. 

Purna Virji

Senior Content Solutions Evangelist at LinkedIn

Purna is a digital marketing specialist with a track record of more than 17 years driving revenue growth and building high-performing teams. She is a popular keynote speaker and has spoken at: The Next Web (TNW) Conference Amsterdam, PubCon, SMX Paris, &Now Marketing Istanbul, IAB, AdWeek New York, Mozcon and multiple other events.

Purna is a world-renowned journalist, an avid traveler, an aspiring chef, and as she says, “an amateur knitter in her spare time”. One of Purna’s latest achievements was that she was crowned the 2019/20 Search Personality of the year. Her previous awards include PPC Hero’s #1 Influential expert in the world, and placed on Adweek’s Young Influential list. Currently working as a senior content solutions evangelist at LinkedIn, she is a role model for so many young women entering the marketing industry.

Follow Purna and her active involvement in re-shaping the digital marketing landscape. 

Amy Vernon

Community, comms and content. Connector of people and ideas. Digital Swiss Army Knife.

Amy is a self-proclaimed ‘Digital Swiss Army Knife.’ As a connector of people and ideas, she understands what users are searching for online and how to effectively capture their attention. While this digital practise translates to different industries, digital marketing ecnompasses the actions across the board. This makes Amy an end-to-end digital superhero in her endeavours to connect all digital marketing disciplines.

Amy builds communities, both large and small, having garnered millions of pageviews for her marketing efforts. What more? Amy has served as a judge for The Drum’s Search Awards (USA). Her most notable and strategic actions are her ability to turn online trolls into avid readers and further into an engaged audience. Her marketing experience has led her to topical discussions with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Venturebeat, Forbes and many others. Furthermore,  Amy is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences such as  SXSW Interactive, World Crypto Economic Forum, Elev8, Marketing Profs B2B, and many other international events. 

Follow Amy to find out more on how to connect people and ideas. 

Melanie Deziel

Content Strategist and Author of The Content Fuel Framework

When Melanie is not educating on content marketing best practises, she is coaching, writing, creating, strategizing and a whole lot more. Melanie founded “StoryFuel” in 2016 to teach creators and marketers how to better develop their storytelling skills.  StoryFuel aids in the development of a brand voice for their clients while optimizing their clients brand positioning, strategy, process and internal team structures.

We don’t know how Melanie finds the time to do everything as the chief content officer for StoryFuel, but she is also an author of the book, The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story Ideas. Her book was published with a mission to help teach its readers the most successful and reliable method to generate story ideas for their content: blogs, video channels, social media. Melanie is a content wiz and offers both in-person and virtual workshops, keynotes and training. 

Follow Melanie to learn more about the world of content marketing. 

Nisha Chittal

Director of Audience & Engagement at Vox

Nisha has over a decade of experience in expanding audiences and digital growth for companies & publishers. In her career she has effectively managed teams at large corporations such as NBC News, Vox Media, Travel Channel and more. Currently, Nisha works at Vox.com where she leads a digital growth team of journalists who use digital marketing tactics including search optimization, social media, emerging platforms, analytics, crowdsourcing and reader engagement, newsletters and mobile alerts.

With a passion for how we consume news online, Nisha finds joy in the experimentation of different storytelling methods, platforms and other editorial products within her industry. A true role model for those looking to break into the marketing industry. In 2016, she was named on the Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in Media and has played a role in the ONA’s Women’s Leadership Accelerator programme in 2018. An avid writer, traveler, food enthusiast, marketing director and so much more.

Follow Nisha and subscribe to her weekly newsletter to find out what Nisha is writing, reading, cooking and listening to. 

Ann Handley

Digital marketing, Content Expert | Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author | Keynote speaker

A best selling author, a keynote speaker and Marketingprofs CCO, Ann has a wealth of experience in the field of digital marketing. As one of the first Chief Content Officers, she often speaks and writes about how to rethink the way organizations market their causes. Cited in Forbes as the most influential women in Social Media and recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers in the world.

She is the CCO of MarketingProfs, a training company that empowers marketers with skills to drive marketing success. From a leadership position, and her years of industry experience, Ann has become a keynote speaker at conferences and events. Her keynote speeches and written pieces are packed with knowledge and valuable insight that have landed them in the Wall Street Journal best-seller under business writing. You’ll definitely want to follow Ann on LinkedIn as she is a member of the LinkedIn Influencer program. A true pioneer in digital marketing.

Follow Ann to  gain insights from the mind of one of the world’s best digital marketers.

While there is a lack of awareness of women role models for young digital marketers, this article has brought forth some of the most inspiring women within the MarTech industry. Let us be proud to celebrate these women in digital marketing and all the women in the world this International Women’s Day.

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Disclaimer: This content piece is a non-paid article written by The DMAT to highlight the aforementioned 8 women in digital marketing. This aims to create awareness surrounding women in the MarTech industry. 

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