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Our textbook is used at major international education institutions around the globe.

Digital Marketing Certification

Steps to earn your certificate

Download and study the world’s most downloaded digital marketing textbook – for free. If you’ve already got what it takes to pass the DMAT, just take a quick brush up on your digital marketing knowledge.

Purchase the test. You’ll then get sent login details. Now set aside two uninterrupted hours to answer multiple-choice questions. You’ll get your final mark at the end of the test. You have one chance, so make sure you study hard and go through our textbook in detail.

If you pass the test, you will be sent an official digital marketing certification to add to your CV and a virtual badge to use online. Use these to brag wildly and proudly about your Digital Marketing prowess.

What is the DMAT?

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The DMAT is difficult. As you will see from our  leaderboard, only the very best digital marketers will do well. In fact our average score is about 48%. Strictly speaking that’s too hard, but we are OK with that because if you pass the test, you’ll receive a Digital Marketing Certificate and that is something we want you to feel really, really proud of.

Why The DMAT?

Written by ambitious individuals around the globe (15 countries and counting), The DMAT is global. Its difficulty means that your certificate really is worth something. Since the publication of the textbook in 2008 our education partner, Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, have become global leaders in Digital Marketing education.


We are extremely proud that our textbook – now in its 6th edition – is prescribed by academic institutions around the globe. Red & Yellow’s purpose is to serve the world through education and as such our book has always been available to download for free making it the world’s most widely read digital marketing textbook.

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"For anyone looking to build a career in digital marketing, we've designed this textbook (now in its 6th Edition) to be their starting point"

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The test is very comprehensive and requires a thorough preparation. The textbook is extremely helpful and illuminates in-depth major digital marketing concepts. For starters and entry-level professionals in the field, this certificate is a must-have.
Stefan Pelev-DMAT
Stefan Pelev
Aspiring Strategic Marketer and Business Strategy Consultant│Experienced in Financial Controlling and Project Management│PRINCE2®
If you think you are a Digital Marketer, then this test is a must write to find out whether you truly are one. It’s not an easy assessment and definitely not for the faint hearted, but once you make it you will know it was worth it. I made it to 19th place – thank you R&Y team for the great experience!
DMAT - Abongile
Abongile Dzai
Brand Manager • Digital Brand Manager • Social Media Manager
South african flag
I really enjoyed this test! It was interesting and tough. As it was challenging, it really feels like the certificate is worth something if you pass it.
Sweden flag
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