The Global Digital
Marketing Certification

The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (The DMAT) assessment and certification provides the world with a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like

The Global Digital Marketing Certification

The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (The DMAT) assessment and certification provides the world with a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like.

Gain tangible, verifiable and shareable proof of your, or your team's excellence
by earning The DMAT certification.

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The Digital Marketing Aptitude Test (DMAT) is the global benchmark for digital marketing knowledge assessment and certification. The certification provides companies, recruiters and clients with a common understanding of what digital marketing excellence looks like.

In professional life, people look for trustworthy signals of your competence. These signals are the difference between being hired, promoted or landing new business. 

The DMAT is your opportunity to earn a tangible and verifiable certification that sets you apart.

Do you have what it takes?



Register to write The DMAT by creating an account, and purchasing the test. You will be sent your login details to your platform with free access to the eMarketing textbook.

Once registered, you can write the test at your convenience, 24/7.



Study on the online learning platform or download the offline pdf. You can download and learn from the textbook without purchasing at the bottom of the home page.

The DMAT is the common language of digital marketing, are already an expert you can take the test straight away.


Take the Test

Set aside two uninterrupted hours, login to the learning platform and go through the final outlined checklist before you start the test.

If you pass, you’ll be sent your global digital marketing certification.

Distinguish yourself in the marketing industry

Digital marketing education is fragmented. The quality and information varies with each resource.

This makes it difficult for employers and recruiters to know if your learning is highly relevant.

The DMAT certification removes this challenge by providing a global standardised assessment. It is the common language across all digital marketing learning and means your knowledge is internationally relevant.


Free and accessible learning with a paid certification

We freely provide the most downloaded digital marketing textbook in the world, eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world.

Already know enough to pass The DMAT? Skip the studying and sign up for the test.

The truly global digital marketing certification

Certifying digital marketers in over 18 countries means that passing The DMAT signals your competence, no matter where you are.

This globally relevant knowledge is why professionals, graduates and teams turn to The DMAT to grow their careers and businesses.

Have you got what it takes to pass The DMAT?


The free textbook is used at major international education institutions around the globe:

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eMarketing textbook downloads since inception!

Since its humble launch in 2008, the eMarketing Textbook has grown to become the most widely used digital marketing textbook on the planet!

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Albin Waldeck
Albin WaldeckMSc International Marketing & Brand Management at Lund University
Read More
I really enjoyed this test! It was interesting and tough. As it was challenging, it really feels like the certificate is worth something if you pass it.
Stefan Pelev
Stefan PelevAspiring Strategic Marketer and Business Strategy Consultant│Financial Controlling and Project Management
Read More
The test is very comprehensive and requires a thorough preparation. The textbook is extremely helpful and illuminates in-depth major digital marketing concepts.
For starters and entry-level professionals in the field, this certificate is a must-have.
Abongile Dzai
Abongile Dzai Brand Manager | Social Media Manager
Read More
If you think you are a Digital Marketer, then this test is a must write to find out whether you truly are one.
It’s not an easy assessment and definitely not for the faint hearted, but once you make it you will know it was worth it. I made it to 19th place – thank you R&Y team for the great experience!
Muhammad Adam
Muhammad AdamLecturer In Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Business at Vega School
Read More
Great assesment. The challenging (but fun) nature of it made me realise how much a graduate can still learn from experienced individuals and actually made me apply at R&Y 🙂
Bernard van Kampen
Bernard van KampenDirector at Stenex
Read More
The test is definitely a lot more challenging than I thought it would be but was really awesome definitely a good measure for anyone that wants to test their knowledge.
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